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                What Is e-Learning?

                SPOCE elearning

                e-Learning is the delivery of a learning, training or education program by electronic means. It generally involves the use of a computer or electronic device to provide training, educational or learning material. It may include the use of web-based teaching materials & hypermedia, multimedia CD-ROMs or web sites, learning management systems, computer aided assessments, synchronous / asynchronous collaborative tools, virtual tutors, discussion forums, e-mail, blogs, wikis, simulations, games, etc with possibly a combination of different methods being used.

                eLearning is naturally suited to distance learning, self-study and flexible learning, but can also be used in conjunction with face-to-face teaching, in which case the term Blended learning is commonly used.

                CBT - Computer Based Training

                Course or educational material presented on a computer, primarily via CD-ROM, USB stick or downloadable content. Unlike Web based training, computer based training typically does not require that the computer be connected to a network or the World Wide Web. CBTs are also known as computer-assisted instruction (CAI) and computer-delivered instruction (CDI)

                WBT - Web Based Training

                A form of computer-based training in which the training material resides on web pages accessible over public or private computer networks ( LAN / WAN / Internet ) and displayed by a Web browser. WBT is not downloaded CBT, but rather on-demand training stored on a server and accessed across a network. Typical media elements used are text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. The terms "on-line courses" and "web-based instruction" are sometimes used interchangeably with WBT.

                Blended Training Web Based Training

                A combination of multiple approaches to teaching or educational processes. Blended Learning integrates elearning techniques including online/offline (CBT/WBT) delivery of materials through web pages, discussion boards and/or email with traditional teaching methods including lectures, in-person discussions, seminars, or tutorials. Examples include combining Computer Based Training (structured pace study/self-paced study/distance learning) and traditional classroom training / coaching.

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