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                SPOCE P3M3® Consulting services

                SPOCE highly recommend Adrian Shaw from Simple P3M Consulting for your P3M3® assessment needs. He aims to help organisations such as yours to optimise your Projects, Programmes and Portfolios. He benchmarks your current performance using the P3M3® maturity model, and will make recommendations that will make a real difference within your organisation. Adrian, from SimpleP3M, will tell you what it is that you do well, what isn’t working quite as well and what your organisation needs to change to make improvements.

                What is P3M3®?

                P3M3® is an acronym for ‘Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Maturity Model’ and its objective is to measure the capabilities of your organisation across the PRINCE2®, MSP® and MoP® disciplines. The assessment is conducted using 3 models; Projects, Programmes and Portfolios (each of which can be assessed separately, or as a whole). Within these models are 7 disciplines which are scored from 0 to 5.

                P3M3 Maturity model

                The Benefits

                Discover the project, programme and portfolio management strengths and weaknesses of your organisation.

                Find out what you can do to improve your organisations projects, programmes and portfolio management capabilities.

                Cost savings, ROI, portfolio optimisation, project and programme delivery and customer and employee satisfaction.

                Our Approach

                The good news is that the assessment can be short, consisting of a single day on-site followed by the results of your assessments and recommendations on how improvements can be made, a short time later. Your assessments will be undertaken by Adrian Shaw, an independant AXELOS Accredited P3M3® Assessor.

                Introducing Adrian Shaw

                Meet Adrian Shaw our recommended P3M3® consultant

                P3M3 Assessor Badge
                P3M3 Adrian mugshot

                Adrian is an AXELOS Accredited Assessor for P3M3® and has been working in project management since 1987. Since 2007, he has been providing consulting services to organisations (both public and private sector) across all business sectors helping organisations to define and implement project management frameworks appropriate to their particular business and current maturity level.

                If your organisation requires something more bespoke than a P3M3® assessment, then this can also be provided as part of the SPOCE consulting service.

                Next Steps

                Click here to contact us or email: or call 01202 736373 to discuss your requirements

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